What is Update 1.28 newly added by EA to Madden 21?

  • Update 1.28 is the latest patch in Madden 21. Because there must be four or five months before the release of Madden 22, EA is still insisting on perfecting Madden 21 in order to maintain the loyalty and stickiness of players to the game. Now, most updates are just small patches that pop up for minor issues. As we saw in the last update, this is the case with the latest game patches. This time, the patch applies to all platforms used by the game, but especially 1.28 on PS4 and 01.013.000 on PS5. This is all the additional features of Madden 21 Update 1.28. Players should also use MUT 21 Coins to try out the changes.

    EA Sports once said that when it enters the franchise mode, Madden 21 will not have any major title updates. As a result, this means that most updates from now on will relate to various fixes. New patches on all platforms are now available. The purpose is only to solve the terminal conditions related to Madden Ultimate Team Ultimate Challenges. For users who do not use this mode at all, there is no difference here. However, Madden Ultimate Team is a very popular mode, so players are also happy to see a solution to this problem.

    In the next few months, whenever something goes wrong, Madden 21 will continue to make small updates here and there, but overall it will not be much different. Besides routinely improving the stability of the client, there may be some unexpected star cards that will appear. If there are some novice players who continue to join MUT in the months before Madden 22 release, they need to get familiar with the cultivation of Madden 21 Coins and the construction of the ultimate team lineup as soon as possible.

    They also need to understand that it is not just a good team chemistry that can easily win. More support from Madden 21 Coins is needed. For novice players, either through challenges or auction houses to earn MUT Coins, or directly rely on the most reliable GameMS to achieve their goals. Buying some MUT 21 Coins there is a very cost-effective thing. Let’s go.