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  • Path of Exile Ultimatum provides players with a lot of fresh content. But what they should pay attention to is that in this league, players must be more vigilant, otherwise they will suffer more damage and lose unnecessary blood. Smart players will always prepare more POE Currency to meet the challenge, and lucky people will always get rich loot. Long before the expansion was released, GGG invited some players to take part in Trials.

    People in Trials can also freely choose the difficulty to play according to the reward. If they succeed in the trial, it should pay them. However, if the player moves on, the presiding judge will also provide a second and possibly even better loot. If the player pushes for the second trial, the second trial will be more difficult, and the third and fourth trial will be more difficult. Players can get POE Currency between these levels, but if they die, they will lose everything. Players will use items found in the world to trigger these events and even sacrifice items to alert the upcoming Trial to Buy POE Currency.

    They can also use Ultimatum Trials in multiplayer games, which is great. Players can try it out together, one can give up the reward, and the other can improve luck. Players will even vote for their favorite difficulty modifier, and if there is a tiebreaker, the game will roll the dice. It also provides the usual quality of life improvement and game supplements. In this league, Grinding Gear Games focuses on loot drops and changes around various items. The final action boss is now also more profitable to distract players from how they spend their time growing items. Certain alliance-specific items-means that players must do some specific content to get a chance. It also now appears in the regular project pool.

    Anyway, Path of Exile Ultimatum is now available, and the development team has added a lot of new skills to the game. Players can use these skills to defeat the enemy more diversely. But then again, players still have to buy some POE Currency to enhance their strength, otherwise they will still lag many players and cause them to cannot achieve their desired goals.