Which "The 50" Cards in Madden NFL 21 are worth buying

  • For the players of Madden 21, they are most eager for the emergence of recent activities, which can stimulate their desire to compete. Fortunately, EA just added “The 50” promotion to Madden NFL 21 recently. A large number of super powerful player cards are already available in the game. Then players should use MUT 21 Coins to choose which players to reinforce their ultimate team has become a question they need to consider.

    Although there are still some obvious problems with the franchise model optimized by the developers, EA has done incredible sales this year. Their “The 50” promotion introduced 50 special cards to Madden 21 Ultimate Team. Players can upgrade new cards to create stacked cards with an overall rating of 90 or more. Almost every stacked “The 50” is good, each has his own strengths.

    For example, Julius Peppers, he is a defensive superstar with a wide range of functions and strong defensive awareness, with unlimited upside. The only thing that may disappoint the players is that his speed is not too fast, or even below average. In “The 50” promotion, many players are faster than him. But Peppers knows how to make up for his slow pace by deflecting and defending. Although this card is an excellent choice, only defensive players may want to buy it.

    Rogers equipped with Gunslinger is incredible. The Packers legend has all the data for a valid quarterback in MUT 21. However, if the card’s speed is higher, he will rank higher in the list. A good quarterback in Madden 21 needs to have a speed of at least 80 in order to surpass the defensive sideline and make time for the game action pass. Similar to Julius Peppers, although they both have their own areas of expertise, they still have Madden 21 Coins.

    These two players in the auction house are now available for purchase. Players who lack funds can go to GameMS to buy some cheap MUT 21 Coins before adding them to their lineup.