Madden 21's monthly update this month improves gameplay

  • EA added an update program to Madden 21 at the beginning of this month, which solves some of the prominent problems in the current game. The developers gave up the latest in-game update. Players can continue to have fun with their own MUT 21 Coins.

    After all, conventional gameplay is the most commonly played by players, so it is excusable for EA to focus the update on those parts. They have made many changes to Madden 21 on the Xbox series X|S and PS5. First, they repaired multiple live broadcasts and animation effects. Now, even if QB stays on the court for a long time, he won’t be mistakenly blown to death. Players who are defending the opponent’s attack can also cross the boundary and prevent them from scoring when they lose. The developers also fixed a very ridiculous bug, that is, it would catch multiple sideline characters in the walls of Falcon Stadium.

    In addition to the regular stability improvements to Madden 21, developers have also made some changes to the standard version of Madden 21 on Xbox1, PS4 and other platforms. The general changes are almost similar to the next-generation Madden 21. Now there are basically no large-scale promotions in the game. All players need to do is to hone their Madden 21 Coins and accumulate practical experience.

    Because now it is not long before the official release of Madden 22. The lineup of players in Ultimate team mode has also saturated, and there may be some tough challenges that have not yet completed. For the rookies who have just joined Madden 21 not long ago, the top priority is to go to GameMS to buy some Cheap MUT 21 Coins to improve their proficiency in Madden games so that they can adapt as soon as possible in future matches.