2020 Game of the Year: 8/18 - Acing the A

  • There is probably a case to be made for having no award in this category. But, then, you could probably say the same about every other category as well. I not mind if we simply pretended the entire season didn take place; not least Carson Kelly Pet Jersey,the bit at the end with the Dodgers becoming World Series Champions. But mediocre baseball is, as we frequently reminded ourselves, better than no baseball at all. So, after consideration,I going to plow on regardless, and honor the winner, with 45% of the votes cast. Though in line with the general sense of ennui, I not going to write the game up in detail https://www.arizonapetsstore.com/Steve_Hathaway_Dog_Jersey-43, and will simply reprint Dan recap. I doubt I could improve on that. But firstly, he the condensed version of the game, as a reminder of how things unfolded Diamondbacks 10, Athletics 1: The Nick and Luke ShowI gotta say I was a bit worried that I drew a Luke Weaver start for this game....high pitch counts in early innings are genuinely painful for me Alex Young Cat Jersey, and that pretty much what Luke has been serving up so far this season. I think we all been hoping he get the monkey off his back, but I can say I was feeling hopeful.The top of the first was kinda rough, in an ominous,seen this before kind of way. Weaver should have had a three-pitch strikeout to start the game, but home plate umpire Mike Muchlinski called his first pitch, a 96mph fastball that was clearly in the strike zone, a ball,which led to a Marcus Semien single to right on the 7th pitch of the at bat. Weaver then walked A center fielder Ramon Laureano on 5 pitches. Weaver wound up wriggling off the hook, with a grounder to Christian Walker at first, a strikeout, and a fly ball to Kole Calhoun in right. So no damage done, but Weaver had already thrown 26 pitches.The offense decided to show up early, though, and give Luke a nice crooked number cushion. Calhoun smashed the first pitch he saw to deep center for a leadoff double. Stephen Vogt, the prime underperformer of the night, then flew out to shallow center on the first pitch HE saw. That when it got fun, though. Starling Marte saw five pitches before hitting a sharp grounder to short that Semien had to range far to his right to make a play on Stefan Crichton Cat Jersey, and easily beat the throw for an infield single. Calhoun advanced to third, putting runners on the corners. A starter Frankie Montas then uncorked a wild pitch that rolled to the backstop, allowing Calhoun to score and Marte to advance to 2nd. David Peralta, today designated hitter, drew a walk, and then Walker did the same, loading the bases. Eduardo Escobar, playing 2B today, hit a lazy fly to left that was caught in foul territory, but it was deep enough that Peralta was able to tag and score. Then it was Nick Ahmed turn.