Path of Exile Build of the Week: Witch Summoner

  • Path of Exile launched the Ultimatum League about a month ago. The Vaal-themed expansion has proven to be a good addition to the game, thanks to its similarity The gambling mechanism won the spoils. Another aspect of Ultimatum is that every time the Master of Judgment waved his hand, many monsters were generated, and many of them eventually became rare enemies with stronger affixes, which made them stronger and harder to kill than ordinary enemies or magical enemies. dead. However, killing them can also get more POE Currency. There is a way to benefit Path of Exile players and their minions.

    Path of Exile introduced a unique pair of gloves in the Blight League, called "Breathstealer". Players and minions can purchase POE Currency to create Blighted Spore. Basically, they lay eggs at the place where the rare monster died, and inherited the affixes of all monsters, including the halo, and added a random halo on top of them, affecting all allies within the radius of the halo.

    How this witch summoner built a work for Path of Exile
    Undead thieves can be very powerful in the construction of creeps in Path of Exile, especially for witch summoners such as necromancers. Considering that the modifiers of the killed rare monsters are all transferred to the withered spores, it can obtain affixes such as the aura of "other allies cannot die"; effectively preventing the player and their minions from being able to continue with the withered spores Killed within time, or unless killed. The Necromancer also has its own affinity with the aura, and this structure takes advantage of its advantages and can provide any minion with many buffs that are superimposed on each other.

    In fact, the main minion used in this version depends on the player's preference, because this version is very flexible in terms of equipment and working methods, so both Summon Skeletons or Raise Zombie can be used. Auxiliary gems are also interchangeable. Except for two specific gems, they are most likely to be in the best position in the Path of Exile, minion damage, and skills of every minion in the elemental army. Players can purchase POE Currency at to increase their strength in the game.