Path of Exile: Improvements on Video Memory Utilization Being P

  • It seems that the Path of Exile is about to undergo major changes. This is about improving the use of video memory in games. If it goes well, the change should reduce the chance of a drop in frame rate. Now, before you become too excited, it doesn't seem to come anytime soon. Developer Grinding Gear Games revealed in the post that it was initially planned to be included in the next engine patch, which will be released sometime in June or July. However, Grinding Gear stated that they are still not satisfied, especially for the current situation, so this feature may be deployed in the near future. If you want to improve the experience of the game, then you can buy POE Currency.

    Towards technology
    As a quick background, the graphics card contains its own memory called VRAM. Now, the default renderer of Path of Exile is DirectX 11. When the player's VRAM runs out, the game will continue to run, but the frame rate will drop. The graphics driver also moves resources between VRAM and main memory, which can cause further slowdowns.

    Ratchet and jingle: Rift trophy unaffected by accessibility options
    In addition to performance degradation, the game may also crash, and crashes or frame rate drops are not conducive to obtaining POE Currency. To be fair, the developers said they have added a system to ensure that VRAM usage is kept to a minimum. Although this also brings other problems. Regardless, Grinding Gear continues to say that their engine team continues to work on better implementations to maximize VRAM. Although they cannot tell the actual changes or improvements, it should provide a better experience for many players.

    Fan Art Competition
    Yesterday, Path of Exile launched a fan art contest where players and fans can create artwork based on any content introduced in the game. This is limited to drawing, painting or model creation and does not include video. If you want to build more creative works, then maybe you can Buy POE Currency to get some inspiration.


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