Madden 21: EA lost the opportunity to connect with its franchis

  • EA has completed its server maintenance work, aiming to set the table for the latest NFL rookie in NFL's Ultimate Team mode. The new player card will have enhanced ratings that match the current stage of fantasy mode and real-time services. This is a wise move, it will definitely inspire most of the MUT community, and at the same time will get more Madden 21 Coins by opening the package. However, because it is related to the often overlooked franchise community, the direction of this launch is another missed opportunity for EA.

    The level of the MUT version will increase, and some players may not have been scanned yet. Therefore, including rookies in the offseason roster does not steal a lot of limelight from the official team unveiling that came with Madden 22. EA has never done this in the past, so franchise fans and roster creators created themselves instead. Content for the next season. If you want to buy MUT 21 Coins, then you can visit GameMS.

    How does it benefit users and EA
    Adding this layer to the latest deployment will attract the attention of fans of the franchise model. It will enable fans to get a preview of their favorite team in a franchise model and have fun in some cases. We will not see the new NFL schedule, uniform changes, official numbers, and other elements unique to the annual release. However, in similar circumstances, along with the Chicago Bears and other rookies and free agent acquisitions, the opportunity to use Justin Fields created by EA is still valuable.

    Waiting for madness 22
    This missed opportunity did not kill my hope or expectation of improving the franchise model in Madden 22 and beyond. Since EA has been planning to improve the franchise model in the past year, it was intentional and communicated, so I am still optimistic about the products in the store. This new release is also an opportunity to persuade those who are still skeptical about re-committing the favorite features of die-hard fans. If you are still playing Madden 21, then buying MUT Coins can help you become stronger in the current season.