Madden 22 release date forecast

  • Madden 22 is expected to arrive in the new season, and there are few things that are more reliable than Madden's new products. Every summer (between June and August), American football fans buy the latest annual NFL simulation game. Madden has become so popular in recent years that buying MUT Coins has gradually become a popular trend.

    This year is the beginning of the Madden hype cycle, but that is not to say that we don’t know anything about Madden 22. We can already reasonably speculate on Madden 22’s cover athlete and Madden 22’s release date. So whether you are eager to start with rookies like Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields, or you can’t wait to get Madden 21 Coins to form a new Ultimate Team, this is what we know about Madden 22 so far.

    EA has not disclosed the release date of Madden, but the information can be reliably predicted. The last few iterations of the game started in mid-August, so we can reasonably determine that this is the target of the target EA again. It coincides with the beginning of pre-season football and the end of training camp, which is the peak season of NFL hype.

    Although the launch window is important for EA, due to the pandemic, publishers may be dealing with a revised timetable, which seems to make all game development projects longer. It is safer to assume that Madden will be released later this summer, bringing it closer to the past release window in late August. At any time, you can visit GameMS and Buy Madden 21 Coins to learn more about Madden.

    Although the trailer has not yet been publicly displayed, EA plans to conduct an earnings conference call with investors in May. Historically, EA has combined its investor meetings with marketing activities, choosing to inform its financial supporters and customers almost uniformly. Although many people expect that the next "Battlefield" will be announced on the May earnings conference call, it is also possible that EA will also start talking about Madden 22 publicly.