Path Of Exile had a difficult week of expansion issues

  • Path of Exile started its newest expansion, Ultimatum, on Friday. Unfortunately, this is part of a challenging week for developers and players alike. The server problem caused a troublesome domino effect for the developers of Path Of Exile, their players and real-time streaming media on the day they were released. That was only a one-week limit, already troubled by an unfair ban, which turned out to be a fictitious player. Most of the problems seem to be resolved now, you can purchase POE Currency to enhance your strength in the game. So now let us see what happened.

    On the release day of Ultimatum, players are doing their best to pass the Path of Exile login queue. "At the speed of emptying, it will take at least two hours for everyone to enter the game," Grinding Gear explained in a post that they faced many of the problems they faced on the day of release. Later, they said: "This field is terrified, throwing most players out, and then continuing to do this about every ten minutes for the rest of the day." Grinding Gear's post further introduced the instability of the launch day. The exact reason, in order to be able to obtain POE Currency, you will have to spend more time in the game.

    Solving the queue and server issues ultimately requires downtime for the game, although Grinding Gear has updated that the stability issue seems to be resolved now. Grinding Gear stated that they have arranged some live broadcasts of Path of Exile as part of a paid marketing campaign, further complicating the headaches that have been a problem since the release to Japan. These broadcasters encountered the same login queue problem as other players in the process of getting paid to play the game.

    Grinding Gear said: "This can almost burn you a lot of money. Therefore, we made a hasty decision to let these ribbons bypass the queue." They said that they will not allow ribbons to skip the queue in the future, and they will target such ribbons. Develop contingency plans for marketing activities. If you want to learn more, you are welcome to visit our website POECurrency, you can also POE Currency Buy here.