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  • My first aim was to redesign my group entirely, and I spent a little time fiddling with cards I already had in my Club's roster. I read online that Pace was among the most important attributes, also because I was conceding a lot of targets, I decided to pick a 4-4-2 formation with two holding midfielders toMadden 21 coins give myself extra protection; I ended up with a squad that had the likes of Nathan Redmond and Danny Ings in it -- a pretty weak team complete, but much better than what I had.

    However, having fallen as far as Division 9 --!!! In Division Rivals, I knew I had to both improve my sport and my starting lineup, so there was no point in even playing on line yet. Unlike Madden NFL 21, I've grown up playing and watching soccer my entire life, so I understood what I had been doing wrong in matches; I was basically incapable of defending: I'd switch to my center backs whenever the opponent was within my half, and I would draw them outside the ball, leaving myself wide open every single moment.

    Even though I knew that was my problem, I fought to break the habit, and that I knew I had to practice at protecting. I began to watch some great YouTube content that explained what I should do in certain situations, and while everything I learned made practical sense in terms of real-world soccer approaches, once I began to apply that in FIFA 21 matches I saw enormous improvements to my sport.

    As an instance, I mentioned earlier that I elected to get a 4-4-2 formation with two holding midfielders, but I'd often let my enemies pass through them; once I started actually using them to block off passing lanes and induce them to venture out broad, I stopped getting carved up so easily. Make no mistake, I had been conceding a lot of goals even against the computer, but I managed to buy Madden nfl 21 coins retain my defensive lineup better and at least see a few improvements.