Quickly grow into a standard Path of Exile Duelist methods

  • Players need to learn practical weapons such as swords. In the player community, there are many players who are good at playing Duelist who share their experience of fighting. They know how to maximize the power of their swords. Deft Blade and Cunning Blade each increase the damage of the sword by 22%. Between these skills, there are other skills that increase damage, attack speed and parry ability. These are all skills that are generously placed, and it is unwise to let them go. Players can also POE Currency Buy to upgrade the sword to a better level so that they can play even more its power.

    A good Duelist should also know how to balance one’s strength and agility. There are a lot of ideas flooding into Path of Exile, and developers will definitely think of balancing the Duelist class. It is also important for players to increase their strength and agility at the same time. People with too high agility will often hit, but the damage is tiny. Duelists should be well-balanced in each passive skill field of strength and agility.

    Although most Duelist skills and weapons will be more rigid, players can indeed stimulate their imagination through skill gems. Some of them know how to use the bonus of skill gems to give the enemy a fatal blow at the best time. They can first use hallucinogenic skills or poison skills to make the enemy lose their attack ability and action ability, and then use lightning attack to defeat the enemy, and then they can pick up the fallen loot.

    The above techniques have been verified by time and many players, which is true and effective. If players want to try more fresh ways to play Duelist better, they need to buy more POE Currency and break away from the inherent traditional concepts to create fresh ways. Come on, guys!