The purpose of Path of Exile 3.13.2 patch release left players

  • Path of Exile added a patch update program called 3.13.2 to the game a few days ago. Many people may have questions. Now the 3.13 extension is almost over, and the latest 3.14 extension is not yet available. What is the point of adding a new patch? According to the development team, they did not release the patch to fix specific parts of the game, but to let players download the program in advance, and then enjoy the 3.14 extension with better performance. People also need to reserve POE Currency and absorb the knowledge that appears in the trailer as soon as possible.

    Players who watched the live broadcast yesterday afternoon know that besides introducing the next extension Ultimatum, the development team also showed Path of Exile 2, which is still under development. Currently, players know little about Ultimatum, except for Buy POE Currency and the console release on April 21. This patch involves texture flow and improves the loading of these textures. It means that players can see fewer lower resolution textures in the game.

    The developers also added the system to autodelete old minimaps and shader data. This process occurs during the start of the Grinding Gear Games logo video and may take some time. In the future, each league will usually clear the old minimap and shader data once. They also updated the patch to reduce ggpk fragmentation during the patching process. This means that ggpk files will not grow so fast in the future. Developers are using the graphical interface of the PackCheck tool so that players can easily compress it.

    In addition, if players are using M1 Mac, they can use Rosetta 2 to play Path of Exile. According to Grinding Gear Games, this should have minimal impact on performance. Presumably, many players now can’t help but want to try new expansions. It is better for them to buy some POE Currency first and then learn some practical skill set guides. Get it now!