Two MUT player cards with good value for money

  • There are many Madden 21 Ultimate Team cards, but some of them may cost players a lot of Madden 21 Coins. Since TOTY at the beginning of this year and subsequent Super Bowl promotions have added many player cards to Madden 21, the number of powerful player cards in the game has increased a lot. But the price for players to get these player cards is astronomical. However, they can start with a relatively low-priced player card and wait until their economic strength becomes stronger in the future before pursuing a stronger one.

    Michael Vick has own characteristics and is worth spending a lot of money on. He was also the cover star of the Madden game in 2004, when his terrifying speed and arm strength shocked everyone. Players need to spend 250,000 Madden Coins to add him to the MUT lineup. What’s interesting is that he is also a left-handed quarterback. If players encounter new opponents during the game, they can use this to win surprisingly!

    Tony Romo, with an overall rating of 94, is only 2 points higher than Michael Vick, but their prices are the same. He is now serving as a commentator for CBS. He has received a lot of criticism during his career, but it still cannot conceal his own strong ability. As a franchise quarterback, he is always able to play brilliantly on the court, in order to reply to those who questioned him. They are all good!

    Both of them are now available in the auction house. Players should not obsess with those players with higher ratings, even if they can afford it, it will be useless if they don’t know how to match tactics and create good team chemistry. So they’d better go to GameMS to buy some Cheap MUT 21 Coins first and then read some relevant team building guidelines before actually starting the game.