What's the news about the expansion and sequel of Path of Exile

  • It is well known that Grinding Gear Games will officially release the 3.14 extension called Ultimatum on April 16. Players who follow Path of Exile 2 can also get some useful information from it to temporarily satisfy their curiosity about the sequel. All players need to do is to wait for the next operation of the development team. GGG will announce the trailer for the new expansion at one o’clock tomorrow afternoon. The trailer for Path of Exile Ultimatum showed many new items and interesting mechanisms. Some game reviewers said that the 3.14 expansion was another major innovation based on the original excellent content.

    The ever-increasing Path of Exile 2 information also aroused the interest of ordinary players. The game team announced they are likely to release Path of Exile 2 Beta at the end of the year to Buy POE Currency first. The official version will be available next year. People have been waiting for it for too long. In fact, according to the original plan, players should have been able to enjoy it at the end of last year, but the terrible COVID-19 made this process abruptly delayed for an entire year.

    Chris Wilson, president of Grinding Gear Games, the game developer of Path of Exile, once said in an interview with GameSpot that the sequel is developing more slowly than he hoped because of the impact of COVID-19. And because of the conflict between last year’s Cyberpunk 2077 and the 3.13 expansion’s original release time, this has made GGG not a perfect ending to the 2020 work.

    Fortunately, they have not given up and are still insisting on implementing normal expansion. They will not let the problem affect the current game maintenance, but it also means that they have to withdraw the developers from the POE 2 development work last year. And there are still a lot of jobs there, but it means that the work behind the scenes for the sequel is not going well and it is of no avail, because the government has blocked New Zealand’s borders and they cannot hire other developers from overseas. But things are progressing slowly.

    Every player should concentrate on buying POE Currency and carefully study the content that appears in the trailer to lay a solid initial foundation for entering the new expansion.