How much do players know about Path of Exile 2 now

  • Path of Exile 2 is not the same as the usual expansion of Path of Exile. It is an independent game that absorbs the essence of Path of Exile and innovates. In recent years, POE has performed very well in the ARPG field. In addition, because of the continuous optimization and update of Grinding Gear Games, the game itself has become more and more attractive, which has attracted countless adventurous players and also promoted the increase in POE Currency sales. POE 2 scheduled to be released last year, but because of the impact of COVID-19 and Cyberpunk 2077, its release had to be delayed.

    When discussing POE 2 from a technical level, it is not a brand new game. After all, its concept is born out of the standard Path of Exile. The developers claim they are positioning POE 2 somewhere between the sequel and the massive expansion. In other words, it is not an independent game in the genuine sense, but installed on top of the original version of POE. Despite its wide range, it will be a free update, which is only supported by the purchase of cosmetics in the game. It is unique among free games because it lacks a pay-to-win system. Path of Exile 2 made many major changes to the components of the base game, but did not introduce any new micro-transactions that offset the balance of the game.

    As early as 2017, Path of Exile released many extensions that year. In the sixth expansion, the storyline is richer than ever, and the number of functions available to players has also increased a lot. Path of Exile 2 will add seven new chapters to the game that will take place simultaneously with the progression of the base game. Path of Exile 2 may only have one more act than the 2017 expansion, but it doesn’t stop at just introducing a few new items and quests to the game. It’s going to be a real makeover to Buy POE Currency, including graphical updates and new progression systems that address many of the original game’s issues.

    From the above situation, once GGG successfully releases POE 2, then players will enjoy a more complete game mechanism and storyline, and it will be very easy for them to earn POE Orbs. But new and old players should pay attention to the fact that the monsters or bosses in the game may also become more changeable. It needs them to buy some POE Currency before seeking self-protection, before pursuing outstanding achievements.