The two most difficult bosses of Path of Exile

  • There have been many horrible bosses that give players a nightmare feeling in all the leagues of Path of Exile so far. Although these bosses are almost completely different in all aspects, the only thing in common is that they can cause tremendous damage or even death to the players’ characters. Fortunately, there are always some people who can skillfully defeat them and get rich loot and resources, as well as POE Currency and POE Orbs. Now let’s take a look at two bosses that impressed players.

    New players today may not know how frightening the previous Uber Elder was. Before the game team added Sirus and Conquerers to Path of Exile, it has always been the ultimate boss that players will eventually need to face and complete. Until now, many people still think that this battle is an actual test of skills and Build. This battle combines the battle between the elder and the shaper with some new mechanics. In battle, veterans will often appear, which requires a good integration between the mob and the management of the boss.

    Another boss named Uber Atziri is also very difficult to deal with. So far, hardly any build can help players suppress it well. Mainly because the boss created its own copies, these copies reflect the user’s injury. It can judge the skills of the players in advance and quickly make countermeasures. When players stray into its territory, it will have more health and damage output. It is very difficult for players to defeat it in that state. Once its Flameblast hits the players, they just need to Buy POE Currency.

    Novice players should not only pay attention to the current boss, they better not think that the previous boss has become very weak now. In fact, it is not. Although those bosses are indeed relatively weak compared to the current bosses, they can also provide a lot of resources for players who want to buy POE Currency. Try to create the most suitable build and skills to kill them!