Gem Links and Gem Tags in Path of Exile

  • Novice players who have read relevant game guides or old players who have played Path of Exile for a long time know that if they can use gems well in the game, it will be of great help to their growth. For example, it not only allows them to level up faster and gain more experience but also allows them to maintain continuous and strong combat power in battle and Buy POE Currency and other rare items. With the continuous enrichment of Path of Exile content, more and more players are learning Gem related knowledge in order to reach a powerful level as soon as possible.

    Gem Links are gold wires that connect gemstone sleeves together. The example item above has six sockets, but only four links connect these sockets. Players usually refer to it as a “five-link” armor because the five sockets are linked together. If they are not sure whether an item is linked, please insert a skill gem and an auxiliary gem on the item. If players hover their mouse over the skill gem, the Support Gem should glow. If not, the item is not linked.

    Gem Tags are a simple concept that newer players overlook. To keep things simple, tags are properties that a gem has denoted as text. If both a Skill and Support Gem share at least one tag, they are compatible with each other. Let’s analyze a Skill Gem together to show this system in action. Fireball is a straightforward spell in most ARPGs. Their character spawns a flaming projectile that hits targets. Tags break this spell down into core characteristics that Support Gems can bend. It means that any Support Gems that have at least one of those four properties can affect Fireball.

    Now their Fireball will fire three projectiles with each cast instead of one. As we can see, the system isn’t complicated on its own. Just keep gem tags in mind if players can’t easily determine if a Support Gem would work for a certain skill. If they are still not satisfied with this effect, they can buy more POE Currency to enhance the Gem effect again to pursue higher achievements. Just do it!