The landing of the Path of Exile 3.13.1e patch brings improveme

  • Since Grinding Gear Games released Path of Exile 3.13 expansion in mid-January, the popularity of the game itself has risen to a whole new level. According to the data, we can conclude that Path of Exile’s position in the ARPG field has also improved, and its ranking on Steam has always been in the forefront. The season is now halfway through. Most of POE Currency previously reserved by the players has also been exhausted. They also need fresh changes to stimulate their interest in Path of Exile again.

    The development team sent Path of Exile’s 3.13.1e patch this week to improve and fix certain parts of the game. Mac users can also enjoy improved PVP and more stable client stability. General fixes include bug fixes for the map leader unable to transition to Buy POE Currency. When players fight in the Ritual League, some monsters will suddenly become immune to the players’ attacks. Sometimes even if the players defeat these monsters, they cannot pick up the loot. Now the bug has disappeared. People can still get more valuable resources or items with their own efforts or with the help of multi-person teams.

    About the improvement of PVP is like this. The game team first increased the attack time of Scorching Ray by over 3 seconds, so players can now create more damage during this time. Templar warriors can also equip Firestorm gems at will. The pre-made Duelist characters have been patched and improved and can now allocate skill points on the passive skill tree reasonably. The pre-built character of Duelist called Whirling Blade, and now it is called Double Strike.

    Besides these representative improvements, the game team continues to optimize the stability of the client under previous practices. They also provide some crash fixes. Now players can experience the improved 3.13 extension by downloading the patch. Considering the safety and benefit maximization of the next event, it is best for players to buy more POE Currency to strengthen their adaptability and challenge capabilities.