Grinding Gear Games shared Path of Exile 3.14 expansion schedul

  • At the end of last year, Grinding Gear Games, in order to make up for the regret that players could not play the Path of Exile 3.13 expansion in a short time, they launched three epic-level activities for players to play temporarily to get new happiness and promised to expand the content of 3.13 To make further enrichment, if there is extra time, the 3.14 expansion development plan will launch in advance. Now the game team has shared the timetable for the 3.14 expansion, which is indeed not deceiving. Players can also Buy POE Currency not only to maintain the current expanded activity needs but also to prepare for 3.14.

    As usual, an extension requires 13 weeks of development time. Because of a variety of factors last year, the 3.13 extension took the development team nearly four months to complete. The development of the 3.14 extension will proceed normally. So in terms of the richness of content, the 3.14 extension is not as good as the 3.13 extension. They said they will release the 3.14 extension in mid-April, about five days after the current Ritual League. The announcement now streamed on Twitch like the previous announcement.

    However, the 3.14 expansion is still worth looking forward to. After all, according to what they said before, developers still put more effort into the 3.14 extension than regular extensions. Brand new challenge leagues, balance changes, new projects, etc. will all arrive as scheduled. Finally, they expressed their excitement and their vision of creating four expansions this year. The developers also recently added the latest patch about the 3.13 extension to Path of Exile, which brings players’ experience to a whole new level.

    Gamers also need to promote the continuous growth of their characters by buying POE Currency and accumulating experience. Instead of focusing on the 3.14 extension that has not yet appeared, they now focus on the current content and continuously enhance their understanding of Path of Exile. Do it!