Players who get rare items in the new expansion of Path of Exil

  • As one of the most popular ARPG games in the world today, Path of Exile has countless players living in exile in its dark game world every day. Although it features rich innovations, similar to most games, there are also some items with very low drop rates. Most players will never have the opportunity to experience the benefits of those items, even if they have more POE Currency is also useless. In the latest Path of Exile 3.13 expansion, there is such a rare item, and many people are very eager to get it.

    With many viewers becoming skeptical that he had the item, Aris turned on his PlayStation, booted up Path of Exile, and displayed his loot for the chat to see. The item was indeed what he thought it was, but it was especially impressive because he had fewer than 100 hours played in the game. This occurrence is unbelievably rare, as there are many players who have put in thousands of hours of gameplay and never seen the item themselves.

    Aris attributed his discovery to his Build. Although many players have been playing since GGG released the new expansion, they have never seen what these rare items look like. Aris said that only those who are lucky can get it, otherwise it would be a dumb approach. Currently, the market value for this item on PlayStation is over $220, while PC players can fetch more than $300 for the ritual variant. Xbox is the platform where the item Buy POE Currency, though, as a single Mirror of Kalandra on Xbox is worth upward of $1,000.

    Players who want to be lucky also need to find some skills. Even if they don’t get those rare items in the end, it is good to learn more. They should not be obsessed with those items, but should Buy more POE Currency to promote their main line development in the new expansion. Everyone has their own development path, so just stick to it.