How do players feel about the new expansion of Path of Exile

  • When players enter the 3.13 expanded Ritual League, experienced people will always first look for a guide on the construction of entry-level characters, which can help them adapt to the gameplay, mechanics and general content of the new league more quickly. In addition, some smart people who have accumulated a lot of POE Currency before can also use the resources in their hands to promote them to surpass most players first. It has been 20 days since the new extension was released.

    During this period, when the players just started playing, the development team of Path of Exile made targeted optimization measures based on player feedback and once again improved the stability of the client, so players They can enjoy richer and more perfect content and their chances of suffering client crashes also reduced a lot. According to players’ proficiency in Path of Exile, although they all need to start with a new economy, there must be players who reach the end and receive rewards first.

    The game team also retains the multi-player cooperation module in the new league. Players can Buy POE Currency to team up to complete the task if they don’t want to challenge solo by themselves. When they are doing other things, they can host their roles. Even if their teammate has gone far, the player can quickly find out where the teammate is through the map. And they can also be teleported to their teammates at any time, which makes the work of the first few hours easier.

    After playing for a while, players will find that the new league is not so easy to pass. After all, it took the development team nearly four months to develop and complete it. Players can buy POE Currency with their friends in their friends list to make progress together. It moves some novice players who have played the same type of game before that there is also an online friendship that lasts for several years in Path of Exile. Enjoy!