GGG probably will not release Path of Exile 2 in 2021

  • Path of Exile, developed and released by Grinding Gear Games, has become one of the most appreciated games by RPG game lovers after years of development. The game studio revealed in 2019 that they are preparing for the development of Path of Exile 2. In 2020, they had to suspend the release of POE 2 Beta because of the bad effects of COVID-19, the delayed release of POE 3.13 and other factors. Although players have already Buy POE Currency for it, it was not used until GGG released the new expansion in the middle of last month.

    GGG President Chris Wilson said in an interview that although they would like to release POE 2 as soon as possible, because of the interference of various factors and to ensure the normal release of the four extensions, POE 2 may not be released this year. At present, the border of New Zealand has also been blocked, and they cannot recruit more international talents with innovative thinking to inject new vitality into the development of POE 2. Players should not focus too much on things that have not yet appeared but should focus on the present.

    But Chris Wilson also said that they will have a very high probability of bringing POE 2 to players in 2022. After all, COVID-19 is still raging around the world, and game studios don’t know whether this year’s development can proceed smoothly. Fortunately, there is a new Path of Exile 3.13 expansion for players to play, and the fun content that appears in the new league continues to surprise them. And according to past practices, more fun content will appear soon.

    Therefore, it is best for players to accumulate experience and improve their adaptability to the new league after experiencing new things in the game. They can Buy more POE Currency to strive for greater achievements in the next event to get more valuable loot. Do it now!