GGG has praised Path of Exile Echoes of the Atlas as the most s

  • On the 15th of last month, developer Grinding Gear Games released the long-awaited POE 3.13 expansion. They named the new extension Echoes of the Atlas. Not long ago, they released a DLC version of the expansion, which attracted more people to join Path of Exile and made it more popular among players currently in the game. According to the data from the game background, the number of online game players repeatedly broke new highs during this period, and the demand for POE Currency among players has also increased.

    Game Studio President Chris Wilson said in an interview that this expansion is the most successful expansion of the entire Path of Exile since its release. As we all know, since they released POE in 2013 and set the goal of releasing four leagues a year, over 30 leagues have been released so far. They are thrilled with the significant results they have achieved so far, and they have also injected more power and vitality into the development team to develop POE 2. According to the players’ reactions, we can also know that their development direction is extremely correct.

    The exact traffic growth data is that after the release of the Path of Exile 3.13 expansion, the number of players in the game skyrocketed from 237,160 to 265,250, so the number of players increased by 11%. Now Path of Exile ranked fourth on Steam’s most popular game list due to its increasing popularity. Players entering the game now need to Buy POE Currency, a total of eleven brand new maps for them to play. The game team also joined The Maven, which can improve the difficulty of the players’ battle. In addition to these, there are a lot of mysterious and interesting content waiting for players to experience.

    Those who are still waiting can go to the official website of Path of Exile to see more specific information about the new extension. As always, players who are more skilled and have more POE Orbs will always be able to gain a greater advantage. So novice players not only need to Buy POE Currency, but they should also learn more practical skills to help them build some achievements in the game.