How to Pick the Ultimate Character in PoE?

  • The opportunities to build the Path of Exile are endless. You can choose any skill and build on it, provided that you choose the correct passive skill. In addition to selecting skills, you should also consider the role. You can do many things in PoE. You can clear the map like a gazelle, or you can POE Currency Buy to increase your strength. Therefore, before choosing a role, determine the task to be completed.

    League start
    The league starter is Jack of all industries. They are decent bosses, can clear the map fairly quickly, have decent AOE damage, move speed and are also very durable. The league starters are cheap players. They can help you quickly complete the map and let you get in touch with endgame bosses and higher-level farms.

    The league start is not only for new players. Everyone starting a new league chooses league starters for two reasons. The league starter is the cheap version. They do not need 6 linked gears, damaged gems and enchanted gears to complete the construction. These versions are very useful for early games. They are fairly reliable characters that can defend against bosses and hordes of enemies. The league starter is not the best person to kill the boss or kill a large number of monsters. Once you have enough POE Currency Xbox, you can transition to a more specific character/role.

    The mapper mainly focuses on speed and AOE. The goal of the mapper role is to traverse the map as fast as possible. As a cartographer, your first task is to focus on AOE damage so that you can effectively clear hordes of enemies. Next is speed. Whether it is from a small bottle or a skill support treasure, you must have some kind of speed reward. Killing mobs is only effective if you can reach them quickly.

    The mapper usually doesn't focus on defense-based items because it may affect DPS. Instead, they rely solely on small bottles to improve defensive efficiency. As a result, they can clear hordes of enemies at any level. Some cartographers also chose active defense in the form of freezing skills. Their goal is to freeze the enemy and prevent them from causing damage, while continuing to hit the enemy.

    Yes, you can use Mapper to kill bosses, but it is not as efficient as buying POE Currency. The best way to approach PoE 3.13 is to create different roles, at least first to create a mapper and a boss to help your overall development. good luck!