Path of Exile: So Ingenious-Ritual Alliance is perfect for me

  • Path of Exile is an ARPG in which you can spend hundreds of hours-after all, the developers of GGG regularly provide new incentives for major updates every three months. In a league, every player starts from 0 and has no resources. Not only through balance adjustments and new endgame features, but especially through the so-called league mechanism, the action can remain fresh. For those experienced players, they can POE Currency Buy to get more resources.

    It looks different every time: sometimes the earth is just an open area and monsters crawl out, sometimes we travel through time and space to change the current temple structure. There is too much complexity here. But the current ritual alliance is one of the simplest cases of design.

    Path of Exile: This is why the ceremony is just one click away
    In the ceremonial alliance, developers once again gave up the complex "building mechanism", in which the participation mechanism will lead to a greater ultimate goal. For example, in "Invasion", our goal is to visit the Temple of Asoatl, and when we encounter betrayal, our goal is to rush into the safe room or fight the planner. The target of the looters is the big looters.

    How does the ceremony work? We defeat the opponent near the ritual altar, and then the ritual itself can begin, in which case we can shut down the defeated monster again under difficult conditions (such as hitting a meteor, a protected enemy or an ice ray). When these monsters are all dead again, we will collect tributes with the earned POE Currency.

    It’s definitely not always possible to experience such a simple league mechanic in Path of Exile-for example, because of the Atlas skill tree in patch 3.13.0, building the Atzoatl temple is now fun. But sometimes it’s nice to know that in Path of Exile we can focus on the basics: killing monsters and getting loot. Fortunately, we can buy POE Orbs to enhance our strength in the game, and then increase the probability of defeating monsters.

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