How to Trade for Deshaun Watson in Madden 21

  • Deshaun Watson wants to withdraw this big news from Houston Texans, which means that many NFL teams are likely to try to provide a deal package for the 25-year-old star. While the world is waiting for a team to pull the trigger and meet the requirements of the Texans, you can control everything and try to spend Madden 21 Coins for Watson in Madden 21.

    1. Deshaun Watson to Miami
    The offseason is most likely to be one of Deshaun Watson's destinations. It is rumored that the Miami Dolphins performed well last season. In Madden, they don't have many high-level players, but in general, what they lack is that they work hard to reach their potential. One of their most recent draft picks, Tua Tagovaiola, has great potential to attract the attention of Texans and use extra assets and salary compensation to cram him in. If you need to Buy Madden 21 Coins, please visit GameMS.

    2. Watson to the Panthers
    Teaming with Christian McCaffrey and Deshaun Watson in the offense of the Carolina Panthers seemed a match made in heaven. The Panthers have been struggling lately, 5-11 per season for the past two seasons, and Terry Bridgewater is not the team's answer. In the upcoming draft, the Panthers will have a higher pick, which is a very valuable asset for players like Watson. Combine it with one or two young players and future draft picks, and you can become the potentially best QB/RB duo in the league.

    3. Denver Broncos for Hail Mary
    Finally, we have the Denver Broncos , and he made an interesting case that illustrates Deshaun Watson and Madden in real life. Like the Panthers, the Broncos have struggled over the past few seasons, and Drew Lock has not yet developed as an NFL quarterback. Therefore, if you want to introduce a certified star QB like Watson, it will take a lot of time.

    No matter where you take him, the part of Watson's potential performance that we didn't mention is that J.J. Watt should be a free agent available in the game because he was waived by the Texan. If you want to be with any of these teams, reunion can become a reality, and you can buy Madden Coins to add two certified professional bowlers to your team. In Madden, your possibilities are endless, so compete with different teams to find out which Deshaun Watson is best for you!