Who will be the Madden 22 Cover Athlete?

  • Various superstars that EA must consider before deciding who will become a Madden 22 Cover athlete. For famous attractions, it's hard to ignore Tom Brady the Goat. Brady won the seventh Super Bowl championship with the Super Bowl MVP. But maybe EA will make a big decision and choose a new rookie. We came up with three superstars, and we believe they have a chance to get the cover of Madden 22. At that time, GameMS will also upgrade Madden 21 Coins for you to choose from.

    Tom Brady
    No need to say more about why GOAT is worthy of becoming a Madden 22 Cover athlete. He won the Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP. He is the best player of all time, and it seems absurd to regard Madden 22 without Brady as a screen player. He removed the label of all critics who claimed that he was too old or disbanded the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl and therefore could not perform outside the New England Patriot system. You are welcome to visit GameMS to buy MUT Coins.

    Derek Henry
    If Brady didn't do what he did, then King Henry should have been a strong one. Henry is a member of the exclusive Madden 99 club and is a complete threat to the grill. He rushed to an incredible 2027 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns, both of which were career highs. It's incredible that the Tennessee Titans did their best to do this, which is why he is considering participating in Madden 22 Cover athletes.

    Trevor Lawrence
    If EA decides that Trevor Lawrence is worthy of Madden 22 Cover Athlete, it will not be shocking. After coming out of Clemson, no one has talked more than Lawrence in the past two years. He has been in a dominant position throughout his college career and has many teams before the NFL Draft. EA is extremely unlikely to take this unmatched move, but Lawrence will crown Madden's cover-up at some point in his entire career.

    If this year passes as usual, Madden fans may hope to announce Madden 22 Cover athletes sometime in August. As the NFL season approaches, if you want to make up for the regret of this season, Buy Madden 21 Coins to get help.

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