Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Flashback cards are now out

  • Madden 21 enters the final corner of the game, and we see good players from the past and the present every week. In recent weeks, we have won the NFL Honor Award, Team of the Year Award, and even the first 99 OVR card ever. Therefore, these flashback cards are the most important. If you have not obtained these cards, don’t worry, you can Buy Madden 21 Coins and go back to the game to buy them.

    Every year, the MUT world can relive the past glory by releasing some outstanding players in the past. Whether it's seeing a player in an old uniform or an opportunity to retire someone-it is always nice to mix current players with historical players. There are 20 cards in total, but these five new cards are at the top of the pile.

    Qimmy Garoppolo, QB-Patriot, the on-site general QB card is very flexible in method. The 86 acc and 89 throwing percentage means you can use the West Coast method against QB, but the main advantage is to pass around the pocket. The statistics of 94 shorts, 92 intermediates and 93 deeps, and 95 competition actions meet the requirements of the best QB in the game. When they see Garoppolo with these statistics, you may be caught off guard.

    Justin Coleman (CB)-Seahawk, good at covering areas and personnel, this is a multi-function card you need to stop the large WR in the MUT. 93 speed, 94 acc and agility will be able to keep up with the fast type. At the same time, 95 personal screens and 94 regional screens mean Coleman is in the right place at the right time. 93 following 88 jumping means he can also keep up with the physical receiver.

    Michael Pierce (DT)-Raven, the heart of 3-4 defense, this is a 360-pound monster card. The strength of 93 and the action of 92 are a deadly combination. Such a big DT has 95 blocks, 94 tackles and 92 hits.

    Blake Martinez (MLB)-Packers, if the opponent opposes a bruised runner like Derrick Henry, Martinez is a tough, fulfilling Major League Baseball. 93 block sheds escape from the block, then 96 tackles and 95 pursuits will get wrapped tackles in the open space. The explosive power of 93 can also be used to force mistakes.You need this card to stop running in MUT, you can buy Madden Coins to get these cards.

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