That rewrite the rules of Madden inside The Yard

  • If you want Madden 21 to behave as HB or WR, please be patient. You still start the narrative as the caller of the signal. At the end of the third grade of school, the story changes so that you can continue to be promoted or stay in QB. Even after that, if you change your mind again, you can switch back to QB again. If you want to know where your location is when you start the narrative mode, don’t worry, you haven’t missed any tips. Please purchase Madden Coins before the start of the game, which can help you have a perfect life.

    It's not just the prototype that rewrites Madden's rules in The Yard. In fact almost everything. The scoreboard is one of the most important changes. Even if a touchdown is still six things, there are very few others. The Yard has no obstacles, so try to switch between 1, 2 or 3 points on the 5 yard, 10 yard and 20 yard line respectively. If at least one successful lateral ball (LB/L1) occurs during the game, or if the touchdown reaches 40 yards or more, you can also get extra points for the touchdown. Even interception can provide a stage for your team-although it will not fail.

    The road to professional leagues is long and tortuous, but once you get there, your choice really opens the way for your performance in the NFL career. One way to ensure that you are in an ideal state is to define your own attributes. Excellent players can use X-factor skills. As a potential excellent player, you will have the opportunity to assign X-factor and two passive superstar skills.

    For example, as an RB who receives and passes the ball, I make sure to give myself an ability to add more popular routes to my pre-match route tree, and I can easily benefit from defensive errors. Whether you are a master QB, ball control or center RB, please make sure to Buy Madden 21 Coins to upgrade your skills in the best way.

    Most of us want to score in every game, but this is simply not realistic. Therefore, it is important to understand when to throw towels only when playing here or there. Great passers will know when to lose the ball (click on the right stick) to avoid losing the ball or running around. Mastering this skill is essential. Instead of throwing unbalanced coins into the hands of defenders, it is better to train them as a brain, using the cheapest Madden 21 Coins to discard them when the situation requires.