Path of Exile wants to improve performance

  • Path of Exile has long struggled with lag and performance issues. Now, the developers have stated that they are solving this problem and have integrated the new streaming system with Echoes of the Atlas. Players have repeatedly reported stuttering and dropped frames in the game, and it has been happening for a long time. The problem is related to reloading assets such as textures, which can cause hacks and slays to stall. If you are a player on Path of Exile, you can Buy POE Currency to enhance the game's strength.

    Chris Wilson of Studio Grinding Gear Games explained this: For example, when using a certain skill for the first time, loading related shaders and textures from disk, it stutters a bit. We use various preloading systems to alleviate this situation to some extent. With these, if the game "knows" that it will encounter the asset, the game will preload the asset-but this is not a perfect solution.

    With the release of the new Echoes of the Atlas, the developers introduced the streaming system to action RPG. This will result in a stable frame rate. This means you can play the game while reloading shaders and textures. However, for some players, there is currently a shortcoming, for example, they are entering a new area and the texture is initially displayed at a lower resolution, and then the system reloads it to a higher resolution. Use enough POE Currency and you will be able to build powerful weapons to get a better experience.

    Chris Wilson explained that there are other improvements: Ideally, this means that the new system can only have an advantage-a stable frame rate, and for some players, there is no persistent terrible texture Loading time. We will continue to work hard until we provide a good gaming experience.

    What are the other advantages of the new technology? The system is also optimized for Path of Exile 2. PoE 2 should look better than current games. Even use higher resolution assets. And these should be refilled as soon as possible without getting stuck and without losing quality. The PoE community is full of enthusiasm. The team is still working hard to solve the problem. Most importantly, GGG's discussion of transparency on this topic has been welcomed by players. If you need to purchase Path of Exile Currency, welcome to visit POECurrency.