Echoes of the Atlas is Path of Exile’s most successful expansio

  • It’s only a day to a day before the release of the Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas DLC has a response time, and it has been declared the most successful expansion in the history of the developer Grinding Gear Games. The developers of this action RPG game announced that the latest version of the game is quite popular in terms of number of players, hitting more than 265,000 concurrent players during the release process. Players can now POE Currency Buy to prepare for their new expansion.

    Studio co-founder Chris Wilson announced in a press release: “The Echo of the Atlas is the most successful expansion to date in Road of Exile. Since 2013, after more than 30 quarters of league releases, we I’m still very happy to set a new record for the number of players. This shows that as we move towards Path of Exile 2, our development methods are moving in the right direction."

    As the studio explained in detail on Twitter last week, when the extended version was released last week, the number of simultaneous players of Path of Exile on various platforms reached a peak of 265,250, which is an increase from the previous record of free PC games. 11%. 237,160. As a result, it ranked fourth in Steam's most popular list at the time.

    The Echoes of the Atlas, released on January 15th, brought 11 new maps to the game, and important new characters also brought their own challenges to deal with-including The Maven, who has the ability to increase the difficulty of the battle. In addition, there is a ritual alliance full of action, a large number of courses to improve advantage, and so on. After completing the challenge, players can receive a lot of rewards, including POE Currency and so on.

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