‘Path of Exile’ hits its highest player count following new exp

  • Since its launch in 2013, the newest expansion of "Path of Exile", "Atlas Sound", has been the most popular among players. First reported by PC Gamer, the latest expansion has set a record of 157,103 users on Steam on January 15th, the day Atlas Echo was released to the public. However, this does not show the player's foundation, because the developer Grinding Gear Games also has an independent client that can run "Path of Exile", and these players are not counted in SteamDB data. For novices on the Path of Exile, Buy POE Orbs can enable them to enter the role of the game as soon as possible.

    Since the launch of the extended version, Grind Gear Games has also encountered some server issues and wrote a news article stating that the “peak number of players they have seen is 11% higher than any previous “Path of Exile” release”, they said "Usually to celebrate, it is causing some big server problems now." As a result, developers are getting some hardware upgrades for their servers, so they expect some downtime in the near future, and it may be delayed

    "Atlas Echo" is currently available on PC and will be available on the host on January 20. The expansion pack provides a wealth of content, including 11 new maps, new weapons, items and final game equipment. There is also a boss rush style challenge, where you can see players fighting ever-increasing bosses at every difficulty level, and there is a separate wave-based mode called ritual alliance. Players can POE Currency Buy to enhance their strength in the game.

    The latest news for the sequel "Path of Exile 2" comes from "Grinding Gear Games" director Chris Wilson, who said that because "the development progress is not as fast as we want", it may not be released in 2021. For more advice on Path of Exile and POE Currency, please visit POECurrency.