Path Of Exile 2 Will Be Shown Again This Year

  • Since its debut in 2013, Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile has been a popular free action role-playing game. Although the current game is still being updated regularly, the developer also plans to release a sequel in 2019. Unfortunately, for many people, 2020 is a chaotic year, and the developer Grinding Gear Games must adapt to sudden changes in plans.

    The CEO of Path of Exile, Chris Wilson, provided an update to Path of Exile 2. Join new stories, explore the world, and upgrade equipment and upgrade POE Orbs courses. While development is still ongoing, Wilson spoke frankly about how the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected progress, and it may take longer before we see the release of the sequel.

    The development is slower than desired, Wilson said: "This is mainly because we are still committed to achieving normal expansion, we will not let the problem affect our current game maintenance, so this means that we have to withdraw from PoE2 Developer. Back to this game last year. It’s good and there are a lot of jobs there, but it does mean that the work on the sequel is a bit difficult to do in the background. Closing the New Zealand border does not help, we can’t hire other developers from overseas. But all in all, Things are going slowly." If you want to POE Currency Buy, please visit our website POECurrency.

    When talking about the latest atlas, Echoes of Atlas, Wilson explained that another benefit of moving chairs around in the studio is that the creators on the sequel have been able to apply new skills and upgrades to the original game. The next expansion will introduce 11 new maps in the Atlas Endgame, and each map will have more dynamic camera work, updated graphics, and other updates to the presentation to place it in the game more common Above the tile set.

    Although remaining silent on anything related to the game, Wilson said they plan to share more details about the game in 2021. In addition to keeping current games up to date, Grinding Gear Games also plans to release new information about the game. For information about POE Currency you can also visit POECurrency.