The correct way to find The Maven in Path of Exile

  • The emergence of The Maven makes Path of Exile players need to face more unknown risks and challenges. But they may be able to get more POE Currency to promote their development in the new league. They position it as an NPC, similar to Oshabi in the Harvest League. It can provide players with some help, such as helping them unlock certain Atlas passive skills. Or there are other things that are optional, such as the infamous Maven’s Orb, so players should still try it there.

    The specific method to find Maven is this. First, players need to run the map until they encounter a specific NPC The Envoy. The appearance of this character is completely random, so they only need to run any map until the instance occurs. After the players contact him four to five times, the envoy will mention The Maven and she will observe you. Kill the map boss and they notice The Maven is actually looking at you. After defeating the Boss, Maven will drop The Maven’s Beacon, which players need to claim. This is a non-tradable task.

    Players are best to run maps above level 5, because in that situation, the probability of The Envoy’s appearance will increase. After players have completed all the above steps, they need to return to the hideout and add the task items they found to Buy POE Currency. Doing so will permanently upgrade the players’ own equipment so that they can also summon The Maven in other maps. After that, when players browse any top-level map, a button to call Maven will appear, and they can let Maven observe their activities with a single click.

    No matter which operation the players perform above, they will trigger their own atlas. The atlas will show them which area they need to continue to associate with and kill the bosses so that The Maven can continue to pay attention to themselves. Just in case, they had better buy more POE Currency before the action to improve their strength so that the monsters would kill themselves so easily.