Research on small details in the new extension of Path of Exile

  • The appearance of Path of Exile 3.13 expansion not only eased the decline of game development, but now the situation is getting better and better. The creative content and mechanism once again attracted many people to join this dark world of exile. And the old players who were disappointed with the game team before slowly returned and contact the new league. GGG not only made many major optimizations for the new extension but also made many interesting changes in many minor details. Players will probably get more POE Currency.

    Replica Nebulis provided too much potential damage for a single item, particularly for builds that cared little about survivability. Now has 15 to 20% increased Cold Damage (from 3 to 5%) per 1% Missing Cold Resistance, up to a maximum of 300% and 15 to 20% increased Fire Damage (from 3 to 5%) per 1% Missing Fire Resistance, up to a maximum of 300%. Note this cap also applies while dual-wielding.

    Martyr of Innocence and Disintegrator no longer grant added damage with spells. Now grant the new Battlemage keyword instead, which grants added Spell Damage equal to the Damage of your Main Hand Weapon. It has changed these because of how powerful their damage would be if the player Buy POE Currency from the Inquisitor’s reworked Instruments of Virtue node.

    There are some Alternate Quality functions in the game that are too confusing and always cause players to not know how to use them correctly. GGG made a lot of changes to this point to provide players with a more comfortable experience. Both new players and old players must adapt to the impact of the new league as soon as possible. So they’d better buy some POE Currency and POE Orbs in advance to improve their ability to deal with these things.