The old players who gave up playing Path of Exile before are ba

  • Last December should have been a month that players were looking forward to. But what they didn’t expect was that CD Project would also release Cyberpunk 2077 near the original release date of the POE 3.13 expansion, which caused the game team to force to postpone the date of the expansion. They made this decision after careful consideration by the game studio. But quite a few players are unwilling to accept this fact, so they gave up playing Path of Exile during that time, which also forced them to idle POE Currency that they had prepared for the new expansion.

    After that, Path of Exile lost a lot of loyal players. GGG had to make urgent remedial measures, namely to release three epic events in December to temporarily provide players with novel game experiences. Although these measures also played a certain remedial effect, it did not fundamentally save Path of Exile’s decline. Until the game team released the 3.13 expansion on the 15th of this month, many old players did not return to the game after hearing this news.

    Now as the recent activities slowly unfold, more people who previously hesitated whether to join Path of Exile have entered this dark game world. The popularity of Path of Exile has also skyrocketed during this period, and it is expected that there will be a greater rise in the future. Officially named Ritual League will appear with a brand new endgame system, which will stimulate players’ interest in playing Path of Exile. However, there is also an urgent problem that needs to Buy POE Currency. Because of the sudden increase in the number of players in the game, the stability of the client has encountered a substantial challenge. Many players have encountered the problem of the client crashing when playing.

    What players need to do is to buy more POE Currency as soon as possible during this period to meet the many challenges that are coming soon. Opportunities and risks are twins. They should also focus on their own development, otherwise latecomers will soon surpass them.