The changes brought about by the new expansion of Path of Exile

  • Most players have already experienced the Path of Exile 3.13 expansion released by Grinding Gear Games on the 15th of this month. With the introduction of new mechanisms and players’ optimization of Builds, the offensive and defensive attributes of their available characters have been improved, which also laid a more solid foundation for their future activities. Players can also get more POE Currency with higher efficiency. Now we can say that it has far surpassed our imagination for the new expansion, let’s take a look at what makes it stand out.

    Alternate Aura traits that gave you and nearby allies additional effects have all depreciated. While players can still accept the buffs on Solo Challenges, they are still a lot less than usual. These desirable statistics were rare in the regular passive tree and often required tremendous investments to reach each cluster, but they became very accessible once they introduced cluster gems. After this change, sharing multiple Aura Cluster Gems should compare to the regular passive tree. We’ve also tweaked the cluster’s notable passive gems, Stalwart Commander and First Among Equals, as they also offer an overly accessible aura effect.

    By using the Impaler Keystone with the Call of Steel ability can deal unreasonably high amounts of damage with a single hit followed by the Call of Steel. Keystone Impaler now prevents Call of Steel from removing Pierce from enemies for 4 seconds after piercing them, similar to preventing enemies from re-piercing. This allows builds to Buy POE Currency but prevents all damage from being fully loaded up front before the boss takes effect.

    These enhanced skills and items can have an extremely important impact on players’ journey into exile. The continuous return of old players and the continuous influx of new players are adding strong vitality to Path of Exile. Now that the new league has just started, it is best for players to Buy more POE Currency as soon as possible to continue to maintain their current position in the game and even work towards higher achievements.