What are the subtle but practical changes in the Path of Exile

  • Grinding Gear Games not only added many general content improvements to Path of Exile 3.13, but also optimized some particularly subtle parts. Don’t think they are useless. In fact, sometimes these inconspicuous parts are very important for players to get a good gaming experience and POE Currency. Let’s look at what content in the game players need to understand and learn.

    One of the most commonly used skills among players is Flask Charge on Critical Strike cooldown, it has lowered the internal cooldown of effects that grant Flask charges on critical strike from 0.2 seconds to 0.1 seconds, making them a more consistent and effective way to generate flask charges. They Buy POE Currency as part of improvements to the Master Surgeon notable on the Pathfinder, but will affect all modifiers that grant flask charges on critical hits, like the “Surgeon’s” flask modifier.

    There are many unique items in the new expansion. Replica Nebulis provided too much potential damage for a single item, particularly for builds that cared little about survivability. Martyr of Innocence and Disintegrator no longer grant added damage with spells. Now grant the new Battlemage keyword instead, which grants added Spell Damage equal to the Damage of your Main Hand Weapon. They have changed these because of how powerful their damage would be if the player had Battlemage from the Inquisitor’s reworked Instruments of Virtue node.

    There are many more subtle changes than these that can only be waited for players to try themselves. The game environment in Path of Exile is getting worse and worse because of the increasing number of players. The chaos of the competitive environment leads players to Buy more POE Currency as soon as possible, otherwise the more fully prepared players will easily surpass them and defeat them.