What improvements does the new POE 3.13 expansion bring to play

  • Grinding Gear Games has officially added the 3.13 extension to Path of Exile at midnight last Saturday. Players who haven’t entered yet don’t worry. They’d better Buy POE Currency before enjoying the things in the new league. Otherwise, they are likely to be killed by monsters or enemies in an unknown environment, resulting in a bad game experience. At the end of 2020, the Path of Exile at the time really disappointed players, but now the situation has finally improved. The number of players online once again hit a new high.

    The last time the game team released the 3.12 extension was at the end of mid-September last year. Players carefully calculate the time, they can know that the total development time of the 3.13 extension is almost four months, which is much longer than before. The main reason is that the first release of Cyberpunk 2077 hindered the game studio’s Implementation of normal instructions. From another perspective, it also provides more time for developers to enrich the extension.

    In the new 3.13 expansion, there are a lot of creative and fun content, especially the improvement of the endgame system, which makes players hooked. The development team claimed that they got a lot of inspiration from Echoes of the Atlas and added many elements to the new extension. The specific details have to wait for the players to explore for themselves to know how interesting it is. Balance changes touch on virtually everything from Ascendancies, Aura Stackers, Impale Mechanics, Minions, improving underused skills, skill changes, flask charge on critical strike cooldown, unique items, alternate quality changes, Far Shot, Tailwind, and Elemental Aegis effects.

    As the popularity of the new expansion continues to rise, maybe more players will join Path of Exile to explore the dark world in the future. Therefore, in order to maintain their status, players had better Buy more POE Currency to continuously improve their competitiveness in order to launch an impact towards higher achievements in the game. Just do it!