What are the introductory versions of POE 3.13 expansion suitab

  • At 0:00 tonight, Grinding Gear Games will add a 3.13 extension to Path of Exile, which has been produced by the development team for nearly four months. After the game team announced last year that they had delayed the release of the 3.13 extension, many old players gave up playing Path of Exile, resulting in a serious loss of players during that period. It wasn’t until later that they released three epic events that this phenomenon got better. Now, as the release time gets closer, every player is trying their best to Buy POE Currency.

    Recently, GGG announced that players can try some introductory versions to acclimate to the POE 3.13 expansion. Bladefall, which had shined before, brought exceptional and interesting damage. The Chieftain change ended at the top, followed by Poison Assassin, which led to Flashback. The projection of the nerd is medium. Considering the nerve gas of the poison that may associate with the assassin’s superiority, it is impossible to assume whether the Chief Edition will be nerve gas and how it will happen. However, it is a bit powerful and players can use it to play with elements, poisons and physics.

    Necromancer currently brings 20% more damage on each Golem. Elementalist is SSF friendly and easy to get going, which makes it the most popular build. However, after the player finds Shavronne’s Wrappings, Necromancer comes on top, which makes it capable of exploring deep. It is better to start with this build as an Elementalist and then make a new Necromancer once they get wrappings.

    Blade Vortex Poison Assassin is also a good entry-level choice. The reason why players love to use it is that its use is very simple and rude and can cause extremely high damage. In summary, players can also Buy more POE Currency to collect more useful items. Attack on the new expansion!