What Starter Builds are available in the POE 3.13 extension

  • Since the fans of Path of Exile watched the live broadcast on January 7th, they have already begun to prepare for the arrival of the new league. They bought a lot of POE Currency and POE Items waiting for the upcoming challenges. The new endgame mechanism can be considered the best part of this expansion. Requinix provides some of the best Starter Builds suitable for the 3.13 expansion, which players can use POE Currency in the ritual alliance.

    The first build is called Spectre Summoner. After GGG added the POE 3.12 extension to Path of Exile, Spectre brought players a great surprise. Many players use it to become more powerful. Although it is not very good now and will not dominate the current upcoming expansion, it is more than enough for the entry version of players.

    The second Build is called Ground Slam or Earthshatter Call of Steel (CoS) Champion. This is the version in which players can create the most damage with the least amount of money in the past. Now it is similar to the first type of Build, and it can’t help players much, because many players have been able to defeat monsters by their own power. It is estimated that after the game team releases the 3.13 extension, the build will disappear and Lacerate / EQ Bleed Gladiators and Cyclone will replace it.

    Although these two will not reproduce their previous glory in the 3.13 expansion, but for those who have just joined POE not long ago, it is still very practical. If players want to pursue better achievements, go to Buy POE Currency now. Exciting! Tomorrow night at 0:00, so stay tuned!