Mining details of Antiquities in The Elder Scrolls Online

  • When players have locked their treasures on the map, they can Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold to speed up their progress. Players already at the destination need to activate Antiquarian’s Eye, then it will become a luminous object flying into the hole, and the players need to follow its trajectory to move on. There may be some unknown risks during this dark journey, so they must be careful. Therefore, it is wise to prepare some defensive items before searching for treasure.

    The glowing Antiquarian’s Eye will take players to a digging hole. When they plan to start digging, they need to complete a mini digging game first. This is a giant dusty 10×10 grid, and each grid will be one of three depth levels. All the dirt buried Antiquities. At this time, they need some practical tools to dig it. When they are playing games, they will also learn a skill called Augur, which is used to locate Antiquities.

    There will be four colors showing the distance between the players and Antiquities. The red, orange, and yellow and green shown by the grids respectively mean that they are over five grids away, within 4 grids, and within two grids, and coincide. The crystal next to the eye will show how much charge the players have before they can use the charge that is no longer needed, so if they don’t find the green grid before you run out, you need to dig around the yellow grid. The best way is to start from the four corners of the site and then from the center. This not only helps them to perfect the trophy but also determines which quadrants are most easily overlooked.

    When players find that the grid is green, they can start mining. In the beginning, they could only start using the hand brush, which would remove a layer of dirt every time they used it. Every time they use tools other than Antiquarian’s Eye will consume their time, resources or physical strength. If they haven’t dug the treasure before the time is over, they can only start again. Players can also Buy more Cheap ESO Gold to help them speed up the efficiency of mining. It must work!