How players dig for treasure in Elder Scrolls Online

  • The Elder Scrolls Online not only has many main missions that need to be completed by players, but in their spare time, they can also go to those mysterious areas to take risks or something. But there are indeed many risks along the way. At this time, every player need to purchase some equipment or weapons with Elder Scrolls Online Gold in advance.

    In the wild, they can also take on some side tasks such as collecting ancient treasures and ESO Gold. There will be some clues to the players where to investigate. When they determine where the treasure is, they can dig it. Although the entire process does not seem so difficult and there are many external factors to help, but when they actually operate it, they know that it is really difficult to do. Because if they operate improperly, it is easy to cause damage to items.

    So they need to remember some correct steps. First, the players must first assign the Antiquarian’s Eye to a quickslot. If they want to locate the digging location more accurately, they’d better reach the target area through Scrying. When they start this journey, it will display a small blue dot on the map, which is the location of the antiquities. They just need to move towards that position. After arriving, they need to activate Antiquarian’s Eye and follow its trajectory to find the genuine treasure.

    Players who can get these treasures are undoubtedly experts in adventure. If there are more dangerous but more attractive rewards in the future, they’d better Buy more Cheap ESO Gold is the safest way. Not only that, it also allows them to complete the main tasks more smoothly and get a better gaming experience, but don’t forget to keep the spirit of adventurous at all times! Keep cheering, best wishes to them.