What's new in the recent Path of Exile

  • Although Wilson, the head of Path of Exile, said in the conversation that they will try their best to release the POE 2 beta by the end of 2021, but that is only possible if everything goes smoothly. In any case, they will make Path of Exile 2 a reality in 2022. Players waiting for it can first experience the upcoming POE 3.13 expansion, which took the development team nearly four months to produce. Go ahead and prepare for POE Currency.

    The Echoes of the Atlas expansion, carefully prepared by the game team, will come to Path of Exile on January 15. It draws on a lot of interesting content and contains new and novel elements, which will provide players with a dangerous but exciting game environment. More interestingly, it may help bridge the gap when Path of Exile 2 eventually launches, as both campaigns will share the same endgame POE Currency.

    Anyway, so far, we can say that Echoes of the Atlas is the biggest update this year. The game team promises players that we will not disappoint them. They will carry every quarterly expansion and small activities out in an orderly manner. Although the impact of COVID-19 in New Zealand on the development work is still terrible, they will do their best. If there is extra free time, they will Buy POE Currency to complete the development and testing of POE 2 before the end of this year.

    Players who have been preparing for this for a long time should devote more attention to the new expansion instead of POE 2, which is still far away from them. They’d better Buy POE Currency to make themselves more fully prepared to welcome new content, otherwise those players who work harder will step on them!