Path of Exile 3.13 extension draws on those successful Endgames

  • Above all, players need to know is that the POE 3.13 expansion, which has developed for nearly four months, will definitely be richer and more interesting than any previous league. Because according to past practice, the development cycle of each extension is about three months, this time the release of Cyberpunk 2077 which disrupted the GGG’s original schedule caused it. For players, the amount of POE Currency they have accumulated in the past few months has also reached a terrifying number.

    Tomorrow, Path of Exile’s game studio will explain in detail the 3.13 extension through live broadcast. Players who want to know about it in advance, please watch the live broadcast on time. European POE players may have to wait a little longer to see the live broadcast. But before the game team announced the news, the Grinding Gear Games team has led players through the history of the previous endgame expansion. It makes many people guess whether some familiar elements or things will appear in the new league.

    The post begins with Atlas of Worlds, uniting businesses and mechanics through the then simple endgame that introduced tons of new maps, including 19 bosses. The war for the Atlas was the next in 2017 that introduced the elders. They have also added 32 new cards to the game, as have influenced items. Treason followed in 2018, revising the way missions work. This expansion was more focused on master missions and rewards, as well as introducing scarabs.

    Long before the end of 2020, game developers have announced a list of things they will do in January 2021. According to the schedule, they will broadcast the 3.13 extended information on January 7th, and will end the Heist League on PC on January 11th. To be honest, players have long tired of it. They will officially release the POE 3.13 extension on PC on January 15th and it on PS4 and Xbox1 on January 21st. Players who prepared have already Buy POE Currency and POE Items for it, which is really a wise move.