Introducing three outstanding Madden quarterback stars

  • All Madden players should know that Lamar Jackson from the Ravens is the cover star of Madden 21. Although when the game team first announced him, his score was not very high. But in terms of overall strength, he was definitely one of the most competitive superstars in the game at that time. Although it doesn't look so much now, fans who love him will still insist on using him in the game for competitions and are still investing a lot of training points and MUT 21 Coins for him.

    Outside of Josh Allen, it's hard to find another quarterback as entertaining to watch as Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals. He's drawn hate entering the 2020 season due to what many fans perceive as hyperbolic expectations of the talented quarterback. There's no doubt that Murray can produce both in the air and on the ground, but he's starting to develop a turnover habit. Though his yards and touchdowns are up, he's on pace to throw more interceptions year over year and double his fumbles.

    Probably most people have a misunderstanding of Ryan Tannehill. They mistakenly regarded this player as a playmaker instead of an attacker, but it was not as they thought. Ryan Tannehill, who plays for Tennessee Titans, is actually a very good offensive player and few can surpass him in this field. Those players who misunderstand him may rarely check his data. In past games, Tannehill’s statistics are much better than other quarterbacks.

    All three players are now available for purchase in the Madden store. If players want to get a better version of their player card, they can only go to the auction house to try their luck. Don’t worry if they lack the Madden Coins they need. Because GameMS will provide them with the opportunity to Buy many Cheap Madden 21 Coins but only spend very little money. Let’s go!