January is both the information disclosure month and the releas

  • Players familiar with Path of Exile know that it is a free action RPG game developed and published by New Zealand game developer Grinding Gear Games. In the dark fantasy world, each player can create an exclusive character according to his own ideas and equip the created character with extremely diverse skill trees and game styles. We recognize it as one of the best action-adventure games on PS4, Xbox1 and PC. Players only need to use some POE Currency to improve their gaming experience to a new level.

    Compared with other RPG games such as the Diablo series, why can it be considered one of the best games in the field in just 7 years? Not only is it free to download for those who want to play, but what attracts people is its unique gameplay and highly creative and unique multiple league mechanisms. Take the Mayhem Event in the three epic events of this month as an example. It combines the excellent mechanics of past multiple leagues to provide players with a fun and chaotic and exciting game experience, which is compatible with those who love adventure.

    The important thing is that if players feel that they cannot complete the more difficult tasks by themselves, they can also choose to complete the task in a multi-player team. In this way, the probability of completing the task is much greater, and they can also have the opportunity to obtain more loot. With the development step by step, their strength will rise very quickly. In about half a month or so, the new POE 3.13 extension will appear. New opportunities and challenges are waiting for players to enjoy.

    GGG will release the POE 3.13 extension on January 7th and formally add this extension to the PC-side Path of Exile on the 15th. Users of game consoles need to wait another week to play. At that time, every player who wants to achieve something in the game should Buy POE Currency and POE Items in advance to contribute to their path to godhood.