GGG will release the long-prepared POE 3.13 extension on the se

  • Recently, Grinding Gear Games, the game developer of Path of Exile, announced that they will release information about the POE 3.13 extension on January 7th, 2021. This announcement made the players who have been waiting for it excited. Although they are currently happily playing in the Heist Flashback Event, many players can’t wait to try the new league. The game team officially added the new league to the game at 11 am Pacific Standard Time on January 15. They need to prepare more POE Currency to welcome it.

    As the release time of Cyberpunk 2077 developed by CD Projekt RED collided with the original release plan of the POE 3.13 expansion, which caused the POE game team to postpone the release plan. It is terrible news for players, but for the game team, they have more time to make more content or gameplay optimizations for new extensions. Many players did not understand GGG’s approach, and they temporarily gave up playing Path of Exile. The game team immediately released three epic activities to give players a short-term fresh experience after discovering that the number of players was lost.

    I have to say that Path of Exile’s remedial measures are well done. After players have completely finished their journey in these epic activities, they will immediately experience the expansion of POE 3.13. It not only relieves players’ dissatisfaction with the game team but also ensures that players’ good gaming experience will not be interrupted. The game team may still have more time to deploy the development plan for the POE 3.14 expansion.

    Starting from December 18th, the Heist Flashback Event, which lasts for three weeks, has been providing players with an exciting experience different from that of the Heist League. Counting the time, players will know that it will end when the game team releases new expanded information. Xbox1 players and PS4 players can play the new league a week later than PC players. They also have more time to Buy POE Currency and POE Items. Are you ready?