What is so good about Path of Exile Heist Flashback Event

  • It has been a week since GGG released the Heist Flashback Event in Path of Exile. What both the old players expected and the new players did not expect is that they need to recreate a character in the event to start the game normally. The event is not like the previous Heist League released on PC and Xbox1 and PS4 in turn, it appeared on many platforms at the same time. For those beginners who came to Path of Exile recently, it is important to prepare sufficient POE Currency in advance.

    Its duration is not the same as the previous two epic events that lasted one week, but three weeks. It also means that players will play in the event until the game team releases the exact information of the POE 3.13 expansion. The similarity between the three activities is that the mod of the area where the players are located will be changed every hour. It requires every player to maintain acute attention at all times to prevent their mission from failing. Fortunately, it also provides players with opportunities to get more loot.

    GGG sets the exact end date of the event at 7pm on the 4th of next month. Players can freely choose Standard Autark or Hardcore Autark to play according to their preferences and strength. Many players have an illusion, thinking that the name of the event contains Heist and mistakenly believe that it is a follow-up to the Heist league created by the developers. Players who have experienced its charm will know that it is not what they thought at the beginning.

    If you look closely at the time, you will know that there is less than a week left to enter the new year. For POE players, we can say this year to have been a year of harvest or a year of displacement. Every extension released by GGG is full of surprises. At the beginning of 2021, they can experience the long-overdue new league. It is best for novice players to Buy POE Currency, otherwise it is difficult to achieve greater success in the game.